AIA Vitality Nutrition Consultation

Get nutrition advice from a team of experienced Dietitians and Nutritionists at Mission Nutrition. They offer personalised nutrition advice which is practical and realistic, and can help you improve your health and wellbeing, whatever your challenges.


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Complete Nutrition Consultations to earn up to 2,500 points per membership year.

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How it works

Complete every
(membership year) 

For up to

Mission Nutrition offers virtual consultations via video call (or phone), so no matter where you live in New Zealand, you'll be able to receive expert, individually-tailored advice from a qualified dietitian or nutritionist.

AIA Vitality members enjoy 75% off an initial consultation with a dietitian/nutritionist from Mission Nutrition, and two free follow-up consultations each membership year. Initial consultations are 45 minutes. Members can earn up to 2,000 AIA Vitality points for completing the initial AIA Vitality Nutrition Consultation (1,000 points), and up to two subsequent consultations (500 points each). You can earn an extra 500 points by completing a food diary before your appointment too. Click here to download the food diary

The total cost is $45 for your initial consultation, with two free follow-up consultations (if applicable). 

For more information about Mission Nutrition, please visit

Please note: To be eligible to receive the AIA Vitality discount (75% off the cost of an initial consultation) and earn AIA Vitality points, your consultation must be booked via the Book now button.  

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Book assessment


Make a video call or telephone-based appointment with Mission Nutrition via the 'Book now' button below:

  • Complete the Consultation Enquiry form and accompanying questions, which Mission Nutrition will use to match the most appropriate dietitian to your needs. You will need to select Vitality AIA: Initial Consultation (45mins) when you book your first appointment and Vitality AIA: Follow-up (15mins) for your review sessions.  
  • You'll receive confirmation from your Mission Nutrition dietitian along with any further instructions (if applicable). 
  • Complete the food diary prior to your appointment for an extra 500 points.


Attend your appointment:

  • Please note: the $45 payment (for one initial consultation) must be made at the time of booking. 
  • Discuss follow-up appointments and book in (if applicable).
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This is general information only. The results of each of these assessments or tools cannot replace any advice from a doctor or other health professional. You should obtain professional advice from a medical practitioner, pharmacist, dentist, nutritionist or other appropriate health professional in relation to your own personal circumstances or in relation to the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. You should not discontinue any treatment you may be receiving on the basis of information reflected on this site without first consulting your healthcare provider. Medicines you use for your physical or mental health may also affect the results of your assessments or tools. You should also seek professional advice immediately should any symptoms you may be experiencing persist. If necessary, you should regularly consult with such a professional. For further information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Any information you provide as part of the assessments or tools will not be provided to the underwriting or claims departments of AIA New Zealand Ltd and therefore will not be used in the making of any future underwriting or claims decisions. Under no circumstances will AIA New Zealand Ltd be deemed to have knowledge of any AIA Vitality–related information in respect of its underwriting and claims functions. In accordance with your statutory duty of disclosure, you are still obliged to disclose any of this information to the extent it may be relevant in the event of any future application for insurance cover with AIA New Zealand Ltd. For more information please see our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.