Eye check

The eyes have it. Get yours checked by an optometrist every three years. 


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Get your eyes checked every three years and you'll earn 500 points each year for three consecutive years. 

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How it works

Complete every
3 years


Visit your Optometrist during your AIA Vitality membership period and complete the form below.

As one of our first AIA Vitality members, you will also earn an additional 1,200 AIA Vitality points upon completion of any one of the following assessments/screenings: Influenza Vaccination, HPV Vaccination, Shingles Zoster Vaccination, Td Vaccination, Pneumococcal Vaccination, Breast Cancer Screening, Cervical Smear Test, Bowel Cancer Screening, Eye Check, Dental Check, MoleMap Appointment.

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By submitting this declaration you:

  • Acknowledge and agree to the AIA Vitality Terms and Conditions.
  • Agree that AIA Services New Zealand Limited reserves the right to request proof that you have undertaken a full eye health examination with an accredited optometrist or medical practitioner.
  • Understand that the awarding of AIA Vitality points may be contingent on provision of such proof and is at AIA Services New Zealand Limited's sole and absolute discretion.
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