About your status


There are four AIA Vitality status levels; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. As a new AIA Vitality member, you start your journey on Bronze status. As you engage with the AIA Vitality program, learn more about your health and wellbeing and work to improve it throughout your membership year you earn AIA Vitality points. These points determine not only your AIA Vitality status, but also the savings and rewards you can enjoy. The higher your status, the greater the rewards.  

Bronze status

0 points 

Silver status

10,000 points 

Gold status

20,000 points 

Platinum status

30,000 points 


Start at Bronze and work your way up to Platinum 

Earn points for completing healthy activities. Move up a level every 10,000 points. 


Frequently asked questions

How can I earn points?

There are a number of ways you can earn AIA Vitality points. Some examples include:

Is there a connection between my AIA Vitality status and benefits?

While some benefits are the same for all AIA Vitality members, there are others which may be based on your status level. To access these benefits, you’ll need to earn additional points to reach Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Some benefits may increase in value as you progress through the status levels, whereas others may only become available to you once you reach a particular status.

What happens to my points and status at the end of my membership year?

At the end of each AIA Vitality membership year your points drop back to zero, however you rollover the AIA Vitality status you achieved in the previous membership year.

For example, if you reach Gold status in your first membership year, you’ll stay at Gold for the following membership year and still be able to access and enjoy the same Gold status rewards. To keep enjoying the same (or even greater) rewards for the next membership year however, you’ll need to earn these AIA Vitality points again to retain or exceed your status - and the perks that come with it.